The main beach in Kardamyli, Ritsa, lies down the concrete road that runs down the side of the main church. The long pebbly beach has some shade and there is a taverna at the far end (which also rents sun beds and umbrellas). Even in the height of summer it does not feel too crowded. The campsite is at the far end of the beach, where there is also a hotel cafe open to the public.

Kardamyli’s other beach is at the other end of the village. Once you have passed the last two tavernas on the right beyond the high street the road bends to the left. Where the wall that defines the lay-by ends, a path begins that takes you all the way down to Kalamitsi Beach. You can also drive there by following the road further past the entrance to the Kalamitsi Hotel and turning right where the road sweeps right. Again the beach is pebbly with lots of rocks for good snorkelling. There is no cafĂ© or taverna on this beach.

The first turning into Stoupa arriving from Kardamyli brings you to Kalogria beach with its associations with Zorba the Greek. A deep beach of superb pale golden sand, backed by tamarisk trees, it can get very busy at weekends in summer with lots of volleyball and bat/ball enthusiasts. There are three tavernas and two bars down on the beach. Parking can be a bit hectic at weekends in the height of summer.

The main beach in Stoupa is a gently sweeping, sandy bay. Though it can get busy in peak season, it isn’t usually hard to find a place to enjoy peace and quiet. It varies from year to year how many of the shops fronting the beach road offer sunbeds. Just like the sea at Kalogria, mountain springs bubble up in a few places, giving the swimmer a refreshing shock. Many of the shops along the beach road now have wi-fi which can provide internet access onto the beach itself. Pedalos and canoes are rentable.

Delfini beach is located just before you get to Stoupa, coming from Kardamyli. Look out for the sign for the campsite “Delfini” and park in the large parking area above the beach. It is a 15 minute walk from Stoupa. Getting down to Delfini requires a walk and there are no facilities and little shade. The benefit though is that it is much less crowded for these reasons when compared to the two beaches in the village of Stoupa itself.

Phoneas beach is set between Stoupa and Kardamyli, but is nearer the former. Coming from Kardamyli, the beach is hard to miss as it is set beneath the road on a very tight bend- the unmistakable large rock, protruding from the sea is another will be clearly visible. The cliffs at the far end of the small cove provide morning shade and there is usually a ‘cantina’ open, serving drinks and snacks. It is possible to drive down to the beach but many opt to leave their cars up on the road and walk down.

The beach is a mix of coarse sand and pebbles with plenty of shade provided by tamarisk trees. There is one taverna and, these days, no camper vans actually on the beach as the council placed a stone wall around the back of the beach to prevent illegal camping. It is about a 15 minute walk from the harbour. It tends not to be as busy as the beaches inStoupa.

Panatazi is actually made up of two beaches, the smaller one, just beyond the main beach, is known locally as Voulimeneas after the surname of the family who run the taverna that overlooks it. The taverna has a large, shady terrace.